Pence and MacMillan LLC


Pence and MacMillan now offers mediation services

Our skilled and seasoned mediators are available to mediate all matters including
personal injury, real estate, trust administration, business complications and civil actions
in Laramie, Cheyenne, Sheridan, and Lander, Wyoming.

Our talented mediators are:


Retired Judge Jeffrey A. Donnell spent 19 years litigating cases across Wyoming, and the next 20 years on the bench. He has succeeded in mediating numerous cases. More >

Devon P. O'Connell

Devon O’Connell has practiced in the areas of family law and civil litigation for over 16 years. She has her 40 hour mediation certification and extensive litigation experience across the state. More >

My client’s case was individualized to Devon and my client felt heard and understood. Mediation solved all the outstanding problems and kept us from a court battle where satisfaction would not be likely found. We are glad we chose the mediation route instead of trial. Devon made a difference in my client’s life and she was so pleased with how beneficial and smooth the process was.
– Laramie Attorney

Jeffrey A. Donnell and Devon P. O’Connell are trained, seasoned, and ready to mediate any conflict.
We are here to assist in resolving differences, big and small.