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Wyoming Civil and Criminal Attorneys since 1945

With offices in Laramie, Cheyenne, and Sheridan, our lawyers provide the people of Wyoming with the best legal services such as criminal law defense; civil litigation; family law; estate planning and administration; trust creation and administration; probate; financial, business, and investment law and planning; health care and insurance law; environmental and energy resources law. How may we help?

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Experienced lawyers offering civil litigation, criminal defense,
transactions and estate planning throughout Wyoming - Laramie, Cheyenne, and more.

Business, corporate and partnership law
Domestic and family law
Wills, trusts, probate, and estate planning
Personal injury litigation and defense
Agricultural law
Employment and labor law
Contract and related financial, business, and investment law
Environmental and oil and gas law
Workers’ compensation law
Administrative and governmental law
Real estate and property transactions
Banking and regulatory compliance law
Health care and insurance law

The Leading Law Firm in Wyoming

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Pence and MacMillan is the leading Wyoming law firm in the SCG Legal global network, which assists leading and growing companies in every industry navigate a complex and ever-changing legal landscape.

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Providing legal services across Wyoming

Our attorneys — with offices in Laramie, Cheyenne, and Sheridan —
practice civil and criminal law for a diverse client base, including:

Cathedral Home for Children
Ivinson Home for Aged Ladies
Heggie Logging & Equipment Co., Inc.
Pioneer Canal-Lake Hattie Irrigation Dist.
Krishna Management, Inc
Bird-O'Donnell Construction Co.
Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation
Metlife Insurance Co.
First Interstate Bank
Coffey Engineering & Surveying, LLC
Cornerstone Associates, LLC
Developmental Capital Networks, LLC
Wyoming Smart Capital Network, LLC
Laramie Economic Development Corp.
Laramie Area Chamber of Commerce
Medicine Bow Technologies
City of Sheridan, Wyoming
Security State Bank, Sheridan
Colorado Casualty Insurance Company
Safeco Insurance Company
EMC Insurance Company

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Recent News & Upcoming Events



Pride Month

“Openness may not completely disarm prejudice, but it’s a good place to start.”  #penceandmacmillan

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, but especially our own who work so hard inside and outside of the office – day and night! #penceandmacmillan

Congrats Emma

Congratulations to all who are graduating this weekend, especially our own Emma! #penceandmacmillan 

Congrats to Amber

We are so proud of our people when they grow and do great things! Amber Ferguson first started with us as a legal assistant. Now she is a 2023 Brimmer Scholar Finalist and half-way done with Law School. Great work Amber!!! #penceandmacmillan

NITA Trial Skills Course

Nice work —Crystal Stewart and Paige Anderson —who completed a NITA national, intensive, week-long course to further enhance and build their trial skills and courtroom presence. #penceandmacmillan  #nita #trialattorney

May Day

We have an amazing team of professionals who are so much more than “administrative assistants.” But when April Showers Bring May Flowers, we celebrate and thank them for being life savers on this May Day! #penceandmacmillan #administrativeprofessionalsday #mayday 


Devon O’Connell’s got you covered on your next walk or drive! Check out her podcast and get CLE! #penceandmacmillan #wyolawpod  


We are so delighted to officially welcome and announce that Cameron Smith has joined our firm as an Associate Attorney and is located in our Cheyenne office! Welcome Cameron!! 



We support post-secondary education and our community colleges! #penceandmacmillan


We support the Ark! And the good work it does for our community members.  Thank you Dustin Richards for serving on the Board of Directors. 


CS Appeal 1
CS Appeal 2

Congratulations to COLE SHERARD and our team for successfully defending and suppressing an illegal blood test and warrantless house entry in TWO separate DUI cases!   

One of the most important roles of a criminal defense attorney is to advocate for the administration of justice by ensuring the protection of constitutional and legal rights afforded to all.  

#defenseattorney #duiattorney #penceandmacmillan

Paige and Carrie

We keep twinning and winning here at Pence and Mac!!! 😆 #penceandmacmillan #gotthememo

The Girls

Dress code alert!!!

#blackpantmagicwoman #pleatherpants #gotthememo #penceandmacmillan 


HALF A DECADE that our firm has had the good fortune of having Carrie on our team. Thank you Carrie! 


Katie 2 Years

It’s more than fitting on this International Women’s Day, we recognize and appreciate Katie Brummond’s 2nd year anniversary with our firm. We are grateful for her strength, independence, boldness and passionate dedication to our firm! 

#penceandmacmillan #internationalwomensday

307 Day

It’s March 7 which means—-Happy 307 Day! Did you know Wyoming is one of 11 states to have a single area code originally assigned and created in 1947? From border to border, we are ONE WYOMING and proudly serving the state and people’s LEGAL needs. #penceandmacmillan #307day #OneWyoming 

Employee Appreciation Day

We are so grateful and thankful for our team! #penceandmacmillan #EmployeeAppreciationDay


Calling on all KIND businesses and people!! It’s the last day of Random Acts of Kindness month! What kindness can you show today? 


Comment below! #penceandmacmillan #bekind #randomactsofkindness #KindnessWyoming

casino night

Life is a gamble, so roll the dice! #casinonight #501socialclub #penceandmacmillan

Sheridan Office

We are hiring in our Sheridan Office! Come be a part of our team!! #penceandmacmillan


Welcoming Shannon VanReeth to our team in Laramie! We are so excited you’re here and already don’t know what we would do without you! #penceandmacmillan 


WE are so thrilled to have Yesenia Perez join our team in our Cheyenne office! Welcome Yesenia! #penceandmacmillan

Wyoming Lawyer Magazine

Since being elected to the JNC, Devon O’Connell has participated in judicial interviews, selections and recommendations of 16 judgeships across the State.  Crystal Stewart continues to be recognized for her skill as a criminal defense attorney in the Wyoming Lawyer.  Well done Ladies! Your contribution to the betterment of our profession is appreciated! #penceandmacmillan

Alec Baldwin

If encountering a situation with law enforcement, contact our criminal defense attorneys, Cole Sherard and Crystal Stewart, first. #penceandmacmillan


“To people unfamiliar with the American criminal justice system, Baldwin’s decision sounds reasonable: Something terrible happened, and he wanted to help,” @fmanjoo writes. “But defense lawyers I talked to said Baldwin’s case should serve as a reminder that if you are involved in a serious incident, it’s best not to talk to the police unless you have an attorney present.”  (Share from New York Times Opinion) 

Happy Eight-Years Paula

We are very lucky to have Paula aa our team member and part of our Sheridan office! Thank you Paula!!  #penceandmacmillan 


Our legal intern, Amber Ferguson, did big things over her winter break! Her experience in Chile learning about water law, human rights and transitional justice will surely compliment her legal skills, research and work for our clients. Kudos Amber! 


Supreme Court Case

We are PROUD of the work we DO! #penceandmacmillan

anual retreat

We spent some time over the past few days in the Oval Office reflecting and strategizing on how we will EXCEL in 2023! Professional and personal goals have been set! 

“If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, you’re bound to make progress eventually.” President Obama 

“It’s true hard work never killed anybody, but I figure, why take the chance?” President Reagan

“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” President Lincoln 

“If not us, who? If not now, when?” President Kennedy 

#penceandmacmillan #annualretreat

Jackson Marcotte

Strong work Jackson Marcotte! We are so proud of you and delighted for all of the time you now have for legal research projects! 😆  #penceandmacmillan #gopokes

Happy Three-Year Work Anniversary

We are so thankful to have Shelley so strongly on our team! Thanks for all you do for us. #penceandmacmillan 

Great job Devon and Crystal

We are constantly striving to provide our clients with the very best representation we can. Nice work and kudos to Devon O’Connell and Crystal Stewart! #penceandmacmillan

Look what Santa brought! #officemate #penceandmacmillan

Look what Santa brought! #officemate #penceandmacmillan 

Holiday Party at the Laramie Airport

Happy Holidays #penceandmacmillan 

If you’ve been at our Laramie office recently, hopefully you have had the pleasure of meeting Catherine O’Connor, our Client Services Administrator! We are so happy to have you on our team Catherine! #penceandmacmillan

If you’ve been at our Laramie office recently, hopefully you have had the pleasure of meeting Catherine O’Connor, our Client Services Administrator! We are so happy to have you on our team Catherine! #penceandmacmillan 

kids christmas party

It’s beginning to look a lot like {something!} around here! 🎄 #kidschristmasparty #penceandmacmillan 

Laramie Interfaith and the Laramie Soup Kitchen
Brrr it’s cold outside! #spreadthewarmth #LoveLaramie #penceandmacmillan

If your bellies were warm and full this past Holiday weekend, share the blessing this season. Donations accepted through Thursday, 12/1. #penceandmacmillan

Happy Thanksgiving! #penceandmacmillan

Happy Thanksgiving! Our office is closed at Noon on Wednesday the 23rd-Friday the 25th. #penceandmacmillan



Attorney and Wyoming Community College Commissioner MEGAN GOETZ and Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elect MEGAN DEGENFELDER apparently got the memo on the dress code (and name) for the 2022 Governor’s Business Forum!!! 


Laramie Interfaith and the Laramie Soup Kitchen

Numbers of our neighbors who need food or a daily meal through Laramie Interfaith and the Laramie Soup Kitchen are at a record high.  Please consider helping give the gift of nourishment! #penceandmacmillan


2023 Project Graduation

We sure do love the events our community puts on for the health and happiness of our youth! Congrats Class of 2023. You’re almost half-way there! 


Brrr it’s cold outside! #spreadthewarmth #LoveLaramie #penceandmacmillan

Brrr it’s cold outside! #spreadthewarmth #LoveLaramie #penceandmacmillan




TO APPLY, please send a cover letter, resume and references to and or hand-deliver/mail to 501 Garfield Street, Laramie, WY 82070. No phone calls please.


MORE INFORMATION on the position: 

Business Services Administrator: Established Wyoming law firm hiring Business Services Administrator or Bookkeeper for its Laramie office. Education or training in accounting, business, finance, or related field or comparable experience of relevant employment is required. Should demonstrate proven management, finance, and communication skills. Will be responsible for billing, bookkeeping, A/R and A/P management. Pay commensurate with experience. Part time. Hours negotiable. 



Paige New Member Highlight WTLA

We are proud of Paige Anderson and her work being featured in the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association! #penceandmacmillan

The 501 Social Club Logo

Here at 501 Garfield, the 501 Social Club has been initiated. Stay tuned each month for our featured fun. Our team not only works well together, but we enjoy playing together too! #penceandmacmillan


What are you doing tomorrow afternoon? It’s the Laramie Ghost Chase and time to Give Em Pumpkin to Talk About! 🎵 🎃 Come decorate a pumpkin with us and have an after school treat! 501 Garfield Street! #penceandmacmillan #laramieghostchase

Boss Day 22

We have the most amazing crew! Thank YOU all so much for the wonderful BOSS’S DAY treats!! ❤️ #penceandmacmillan



  1. LEGAL ASSISTANT / PARALEGAL, Laramie office
  2. LEGAL ASSISTANT / PARALEGAL, Cheyenne office

TO APPLY, please send a cover letter, resume and references to and or hand-deliver/mail to 501 Garfield Street, Laramie, WY 82070. No phone calls please.

MORE INFORMATION on the positions:

Legal Assistant: Established law firm needs Legal Asst or Paralegal for its Laramie office. Office experience, computer knowledge & organizational skills are a must. Duties include file management, drafting legal documents, and attorney support. Pay commensurate with experience. Liberal paid days off policy, health insurance, and retirement benefits (after eligibility period).

Business Services Administrator: Established Wyoming law firm hiring Business Services Administrator or Bookkeeper for its Laramie office. Education or training in accounting, business, finance, or related field or comparable experience of relevant employment is required. Should demonstrate proven management, finance, and communication skills. Will be responsible for billing, bookkeeping, A/R and A/P management. Pay commensurate with experience. Liberal paid days off policy, health insurance, and retirement benefits (after eligibility period). 

Best Law

Thank YOU Laramie for choosing us! We are so honored to be your legal choice!  Thank you to Boomerang for the honor! #penceandmacmillan #bestofthebest 



United Way





We love and remember the special people this is in honor of. ❤️ You know who you are.💕 #penceandmacmillan




Happy Friday! #penceandmacmillan




It was great to have Hoke back! Thanks to so many of you who made his visit special and memorable. #penceandmacmillan








Congrats Pokes on your W over Airforce!!👏🏈 #penceandmacmillan





Bar Convention time! #penceandmacmillan





Hoke is Back! #penceandmacmillan





Love. Hope. Resilience. 🧡 Honoring all survivors @ the SAFE PROJECT on this 9.11. #penceandmacmillan #safeproject #september11




PJA Annivers

So happy to have Paige Anderson for a whole year! Paige is the best and such an amazing legal advocate. Paige is still accepting new clients—- contact her at our Cheyenne office. #penceandmacmillan 




Pizza Fun

Mama Mia!!!! Our office summer pizza party was so fun! #penceandmacmillan




LJA ann.

Happy 1 year work anniversary Leslie Allen!  We are thankful for your passion and dedication to our team! #penceandmacmillan




DEB 1yr

Thank you Danielle for being part of our team! Not sure what our office was like without you! #penceandmacmillan





Did you know that Paige Anderson is willing to serve as Guardian ad Litem? She is also accepting new clients in areas of domestic law (divorce, child custody and support, modification matters, etc.) across the State. #penceandmacmillan





Yup that sure is our @jacksonmarcotte! Congratulations on your AFCA Nomination!! So proud of you! A true star on and of the field. 👏👏👏#penceandmacmillan




Coffee House

Our trial lawyers, Devon O’Connell and Crystal Stewart, were both featured authors in the June 2022 issue of the Wyoming Trial Lawyers Association, The Coffee House. Well done ladies! #penceandmacmillan




Youth Sports

Pence and Mac supports youth sports! Congrats to the Laramie Lightening 10Us, 12Us and 16Us who all WON State and all of the lady competitors!!!! #penceandmacmillan 



Thank you to all of the volunteers and businesses who make Jubilee Days happen each year for the Laramie community. Special thanks to our @dustnrichards for countless hours of volunteering and pro bono legal services. #penceandmacmillan #jubileedays 



WE ARE HIRING! Client Service Administrator for Laramie office.  Answering multiple phone lines, knowledge of Microsoft Office, Outlook and general office experience necessary.  Full time.  Salary commensurate with experience, generous benefits.  Submit cover letter and resume to:   PO Box 1285, Laramie, WY 82073.  No phone calls please.



IN HONOR OF JUNETEENTH, Pence and MacMillan celebrates and recognizes emancipation and freedom for all! In the words of our own Amber Olivia Vandiver, “It’s a day of recognizing what happened to black people in the United States, and how progress is being made towards making sure history doesn’t repeat itself. It’s a way to let everyone know that their cries are finally being heard, their tears are felt, and their blood wasn’t shed in vain. There’s still more to be done, but we also take days like this as victories towards making sure that ‘….liberty and justice for all….’ holds true for everyone.” #penceandmacmillan


AS Training

We never imagined a world where we needed to train for it, and we certainly didn’t like talking about it, but we appreciate Officer Cirillo and the Laramie Police Department for providing our offices in Laramie and a Cheyenne training on surviving an active threat. Thank you to all those who try and keep our world safe. #penceandmacmillan


Good Bye AGB

We are really going to miss Annika! Best of luck in your next adventures!!!!  #penceandmacmillan


New sign

Our sign is up at our new Cheyenne office location! Come see us at 5908 Yellowstone Road! Also we are hiring for a legal assistant in our Laramie office! Send letters of interest and resumes to #penceandmacmillan


Congrats KT

Congratulations to all of the UW Graduates this weekend, especially our own Ryan Tucker! #penceandmacmillan 


Congrats KMB

Congratulations to our own @katiebrummond for graduating today from LCCC with her paralegal certificate! Very special for @meganeogoetz to be at graduation as a Wyoming Community College Commissioner! Great job Katie!!! #penceandmacmillan 


're Back

They’re Baaaaack and We are so Happy!  Amber and Jackson both worked for us before law school. Now they have completed their first year at UW College of Law and rejoined our team for the summer!  #penceandmacmillan



Wishing all mothers, especially the moms on our team, a great Mother’s Day! #penceandmacmillan


Earth Day

In honor of #earthday2022 and #nationalvolunteerweek2022, some of our team volunteered today for the earth! 🌎🤲 #penceandmacmillan 


BW Ball

Congratulations to Devon O’Connell,  President of the UW Art Museum Board, for a very successful 2022 Black & White Benefit Gala on Saturday. Pence and Mac is proud to support the arts! #penceandmacmillan #uwartmuseum 



Well, at least today it’s warm somewhere in April.  Sigh……  😌 #goawaywind #penceandmacmillan


Welcome Gage

We are thrilled to have Gage Allerheiligen on our team! He can be found (mostly) at our Cheyenne office! So glad you’re here Gage!! #penceandmacmillan 


Carrie Anni.

We are thankful and grateful that Carrie is here and here with us! 💪 👏 #penceandmacmillan 


Katie Anniversary

We are so grateful to have Katie Brummond on our team! Thank you Katie!!  #penceandmacmillan 


Be Kind

Work Hard & Be Kind. That is all. #penceandmacmillan #kindnesswyoming #NationalRandomActsofKindnessDay


1yr DN

We appreciate you so much Deborah!!!!  #penceandmacmillan



Did you see Crystal Stewart and Cole Sherard in the Laramie Boomerang and Wyoming Tribune Eagle on Sunday?!  #penceandmacmillan #criminaldefenseattorney


Valentines day

Happy ❤️ Day.  #penceandmacmillan



Attorney Crystal Stewart is accepting new criminal defense clients in southeast Wyoming. She was recently featured in the Wyoming Lawyer for her knowledge regarding the expungement process! Crystal can be reached at 307-638-0386. #penceandmacmillan


2022 Words.png

The best way to predict the future is to create it.”  Abraham Lincoln

Stay tuned. #2022wegotyou #penceandmacmillan 


Challenging Time

During this challenging time, stay healthy and do your best to keep moving forward!  💪  #penceandmacmillan



We are so most appreciative of the dedication and loyalty shown by Shelley. Thank you for being part of this team!!! #penceandmacmillan 



Congratulations to all of the UW Graduates this weekend, especially our own Gracie Von Krosigk! #penceandmacmillan



Supporting and dancing on our own Dusty Richards and the Banshee Tree w/ De Gringos y Gremmies!! #penceandmacmillan


Gingerbread Winners

Winner winner winner!!!!!! 👏 👏 After a long week of deliberations of Christmas on Trial, the Grinch was convicted by the Jury of stealing Christmas. Santa was adequately satisfied with his prosecution. Judge Lou Who sentenced the defendant to probation with terms of spreading Christmas cheer to all.  Needless to say, the spectators are very pleased with the outcome for all!!!! Great work team!!! #christmasontrial #gingerbreadcontestwinner #penceandmacmillan 



Christmas is on Trial! Santa is prosecuting the Grinch for stealing Christmas before Judge Lou Who.  Help the jury decide!! Go to the Gateway Center and vote!  #penceandmacmillan #gingerbreadcontest


's Week

We sure are thankful for these men who have built and sustained our legal team!! #InternationalMensDay #penceandmacmillan


Veterans Day

#thankyouveterans #penceandmacmillan 


Gobble Gobble

🦃 IT’s that time! Pence and Mac has again partnered with the Wyoming Food Bank. Please help fill our box with non-perishables and fill our bird with $ for turkeys. Everything goes to Interfaith and supports our local community. Our office is open M-F, 8-5.  🙏 


Breast Cancer1

Doing our best to scare the spook out of this! #breastcancerawareness #penceandmacmillan 



Today is your last day to comply with the Judge’s Order or this little old lady might come find you and hold you in contempt!!!  Come to 501 Garfield Street before 5pm! #laramieghostchase #penceandmacmillan 



Lots of Laramigos saved themselves from contempt of court yesterday! Come visit us today before 5pm to comply with the Judge’s Order!!! #laramieghostchase #penceandmacmillan 


Ghost Chase

Comply with the Judge’s Order! Come to the campfire anytime between 9-5 this week! 501 Garfield Street, Laramie! #laramieghostchase #penceandmacmillan 


Congrats WSB

Congrats to the Wyoming State Bar and our own jurists, Judge Jeffrey Donnell and Devon O’Connell! #penceandmacmillan 


Welcome Ryan

We are really happy to have Ryan Tucker on our team! Welcome Ryan!!! #penceandmacmillan 


Boss Day

Wow!!!!  If you’re a “BOSS”….. I bet you didn’t get this today———awesome hand-crafted mugs filled with candy, home-cooked chili (veggie and meat), hot home-baked cornbread with melted butter and honey, home-made cake and cheesecake and a hand-drawn card filled with the kindest messages of love and appreciation ever for working at P&M!!!! Holy wow!!!! The people that work here are all kinds of somethin special!!!! ❤️#penceandmacmillan #bossesday


Welcome Danielle

We are really delighted to have Danielle join our team and work family! Welcome Danielle! Thanks for all you do already!! #penceandmacmillan 


Welcome Leslie

We are very excited to have Leslie on our team! Leslie and her family have moved back to Laramie from Sheridan, and we are super glad we snagged her up! Welcome Leslie!!! #penceandmacmillan 


Annika 1 Year

We are so appreciative of the efforts and dedication Annika provides to our team! Thank you!!! #penceandmacmillan 


Welcome Paige

We have New Faces here!! We are so thrilled to announce our newest attorney, Paige Anderson! Paige is located primarily in our Cheyenne office and is accepting new clients, particularly in the areas of domestic/ family law needs. Welcome Paige!! 

“I went to law school inspired to help people during difficult periods of their lives. My mission has always been to represent clients with kindness, compassion, and zealous advocacy. Working with Pence and MacMillan has not only allowed me to continue my mission, but has also surrounded me with fellow attorneys and staff who dedicate themselves to the same values I hold to the upmost importance.”



Breast Cancer

In Honor of our Carrie and all Breast Cancer Warriors……Let’s do this!! Who will be our first post?! #penceandmacmillan #breastcancerawarenessmonth


Challenge Complete

And Katie is the winner with a perfect score! Congrats Katie on making a smashing effort to smell them roses all September!! 👏 🌹 We celebrated with a little home cooking from Rose’s cafe!  🌯

Thanks for journeying with us as we stopped to pay attention to the “little things” that are in fact the “big things.”  #penceandmacmillan

Last week

Last week, we finished up by listening to a podcast, doing something musically, making an October to-do list, and literally smelling a rose #penceandmacmillan

Obstacles in Law School

‘Let The Obstacles In Law School Teach You Something, Don’t Look At Them As Hardships, Look At Them As Lessons That Will Shape You Into A Better Lawyer.’ #penceandmacmillan

Round Table

How lucky are we to live in a place where a “typical” Tuesday round-table lunch was with three Wyoming Governors and the Dean of the Law School?! Thank you Governors Sullivan, Freudenthal and Mead for your collective 24 years of service to our state and your example of continued unified leadership. 

Week 4

Week 4 Was a Giving Week of Challenges! 🤗 #penceandmacmillan

Give to the Community (by shopping local). Give gratitude to a colleague. Give to an elder. Give to a child. Give to an animal. Give to yourself. 


Week 3 of Challenges! And the snow is too dang close

Week 3 of Challenges! And the snow is too dang close 🥶 🌹 #penceandmacmillan 

Reflections on 9/11, 20 years later. Identifying one thing that if you do on a Monday, it   makes your week better. Drinking the number of ounces that is twice your age in water. Swimming. Doing something spiritual or religious.


Week 2 Life is Precious

Week 2! Life is Precious. #penceandmacmillan 

Identifying something that rewards you for your Labor! Enjoying and sharing something sweet. Cleaning out a junk drawer. Taking 5 minutes of silence to be present. Especially with a co-worker. 


's post 9.8.21

Before they freeze, we are challenging ourselves all month long to Stop & Smell them Roses! Life is precious. #penceandmacmillan 

Last week- Go for a walk! Show your Patriotism! Drink or eat something new! Do something sporty!



We couldn’t be more proud!! Congratulations Devon O’Connell and thank you for your service!  #penceandmacmillan

Bash @ Bunkhouse

Bash @ Bunkhouse!

Wishing Hoke and Becky MacMillan Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary

Wishing Hoke and Becky MacMillan a Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary. 

Jury Trial Experience with DPO

Jury Duty. It may be a pain but imagine how painful a legal system would be without it.

Going Away Photos for Interns and Paralegal

Going to miss this crew! Amber, Jackson and Gabe are headed to law school and Allie will be teaching special-ed at Slade! Thank you for being such an important part of our team! #penceandmacmillan

Laramie Girls Softball meet at the plate

Proud to be a Laramie Girls Softball sponsor. And Proud to support all young ladies in this sport!  Great Job girls at State!!! 


Pence and MacMillan is a proud sponsor of the Cathedral Cup Golf Tournament

We are proud supporters and believers in the Cathedral Home for Children! #penceandmacmillan

Downtown Clinic Giving-Match Sponsors

Pence and Mac is proud to be a part of #WyoGives day!!!! We believe in giving back to our community and support the Downtown Clinic. Thank you for the medical services you provide to Laramie! 


Pence Purple Power

Don’t mess with the best! 💪 #penceandmacmillan #purpletieday

Jubilee Days BBQ

How did you Jubilee this year?! #JubileeDays #penceandmacmillan

Jubilee Days

Pence and MacMillan is a proud sponsor of Laramie Jubilee Days!!! #penceandmacmillan

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day America and Happy 4th of July to All!   

Our office is closed until Tuesday, July 6th.  For criminal defense needs and civil litigation matters, please visit   

Be safe and enjoy!

Happy One-Year Work Anniversary Olivia Vandiver!

Thank you Amber Vandiver for your dedication to Pence and MacMillan! #penceandmacmillan

Hooray for Dads! Happy Father's Day, Cole Sherard!

We hope all Dads had a Great Father’s Day. Special recognition to one of our own P&M dads, Cole Sherard. Cole is one of the state’s top criminal defense attorneys and is always accepting new clients. #penceandmac

501 Garfield

Business Services Administrator. Established Wyoming law firm hiring Business Services Administrator for its Laramie office. Education or training in accounting, business, finance, or related field or comparable experience of relevant employment is required. Should demonstrate proven management, finance, and communication skills. Will be responsible for billing, bookkeeping, A/R and A/P management. Skills, experience and/or training in paralegal and legal assistant duties preferred as well. Send cover letter and CV to Pence and MacMillan LLC, PO Box 1285, Laramie, WY, 82073. No phone calls please.

Congrats to our own Dusty & his band DeGringos Y Gremmies on their album release!

This guy is celebrating a birthday, but constantly reminds us to be young at heart and play! Congrats Dusty Richards on your musical accomplishments! #penceandmacmillan

We have some smarty pants here... congrats! Amber has been accepted to and will be attending the UW College of Law in the fall.

And last but certainly not least, big kudos and congrats to Amber Ferguson who will be going to the UW College of Law this fall!!!! We are so proud of you (but equally as bummed to lose such a valuable team member). Congrats Amber and to all of our smarties this week!

We have some smarty pants here... congrats! Jackson is graduating from UW and is attending the UW College of Law in the fall.

We joke that this guy may be the most senior football player ever, but we are super proud of Jackson Marcotte!!! Congrats on your graduation this weekend and next adventures at UW College of Law!!!!

We have some smarty pants here... congrats! Allie is graduating from UW with her Masters

Allie Telgenhoff sure is a good teacher in and out of the office. We are very proud of her second UW graduation this weekend!!!! Congrats Allie!!!

We have some smarty pants here... congrats! Gabe has been accepted and is attending Gonzaga in the fall.

Congratulations to Gabriel Maldonado!!! We are proud of you!!!

We have some smarty pants here... congrats! Olivia is graduating from UW with her Bachelor of Arts

Well, it’s May and snowing in Laramie- which must mean it’s graduation time at UW! This week we are celebrating some amazing accomplishments of some smarties here at our office. Up first, Olivia Dorrell!! Congrats Liv!!!! You will do great things.

Mother's Day Soccer Picture

It takes a village……and sometimes a wagon…… but our MOMS get it done both on and off the field!  Happy Mother’s Day 💐

Knudsen Family

The Pence and MacMillan family is mourning the loss of one of our team member’s children. Shelley Knudsen lost her 13 year old son, Grey Knudsen, this past Friday, April 30. Our hearts break for Shelley, Braun and their daughter Mazzy.  We invite the warm and caring arms of this wonderful community to embrace them. We cannot take away their pain, however we hope our love and support will help to cushion their fall.  

If you’d like to help financially, a GoFundMe account has been set up at…..

Cards of support and comfort can be delivered to our office at 501 Garfield. 

We love you Shelley, Braun and Mazzy. We will forever love and remember Grey.

Wyoming Lawyer Ad

When you’re flipping through this month’s Wyoming Lawyer by the Wyoming State Bar, check them OUT! Crystal Stewart and Jason Matzen are both accepting new clients!

Pence and MacMillan recognizes and thanks our staff today on Administrative Professional's Day

We recognize and say THANK YOU to all of our professional staff today! You make the attorneys look good! #penceandmacmillan

Jaden Ramsey smiling in front of a curtain

Our heavy hearts are with our Laramie colleague, Meri Geringer, and her son, Jaden Ramsey. After a courageous battle, Jaden received his angel wings yesterday. We hold you and your family in our utmost thoughts. #OneWyoming #PenceandMacMillan

Haley Richards smiling in front of a blue wall

Congratulations to Haley Richards for becoming an official member of the Wyoming State Bar and licensed attorney! Our former intern, now turned Attorney! #penceandmacmillan 

1 Year of Covid Life: Jodi Shea

We conclude our reflections on “One year of LEGAL LIFE during COVID”….. Read Jodi Shea’s reflection here. Stay healthy and happy everyone!

Beware: Scammers have been calling people saying they are affiliated with Pence and MacMillan. Feel free to call if you have any questions or concerns.

Please be aware that we have recently learned there are telephone scammers posing to be associated with Pence and MacMillan who are NOT legitimate nor connected with our firm in any way. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Megan Goetz Appointed as a Commissioner of the Wyoming Community College Commission by Governor Mark Gordon

Megan Goetz Appointed as a Commissioner of the Wyoming Community College Commission by Governor Mark Gordon.

The mission and purpose of the Wyoming Community College Commission is to provide coordination, advocacy, funding and accountability for the Community College System on behalf of the State of Wyoming. Seven Commissioners are appointed by the Governor and are responsible for advocating for the colleges in Wyoming, ensuring statutory compliance with regulations and prioritizing capital construction projects among the seven colleges.

1 Year of Covid Life: Dustin Richards

This week we are reflecting on “One year of LEGAL LIFE during COVID”….. Read Dustin Richards’ reflection here.

1 Year of Covid Life: Megan Overmann Goetz

This week we are reflecting on “One year of LEGAL LIFE during COVID”….. Read Megan Overmann Goetz’s reflection here.

Boulder Shooting

Not what we planned to post today in this series…. 😢 #penceandmacmillan

1 Year of Covid Life: Devon O'Connell

One year ago, the world was shutting down. It was/is truly unbelievable. One year later, the world is starting to open up and feel more normal, day by day. Spring break vacations are happening. Kids are returning to school full-time. Mandates are easing. Vaccines are here!  

This week we are reflecting on “One year of LEGAL LIFE during COVID”…… Read Devon O’Connell’s reflection here.

International Women's Day: March 8, 2021

Today, we #ChooseToChallenge! “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.”

Pence and MacMillan supports women’s achievements and gender equality. We celebrate this team of amazing women on #internationalwomensday2021!!! 

Special thanks to Olivia for spear heading this very cool day and week! 

New Faces & New Shadows: Olivia Dorrell

It’s a beautiful day to introduce another beautiful face at the office! Olivia Dorrell joins our team this week, primarily in our Cheyenne office, as Litigation Support! Liv will graduate from UW this spring with a degree in English Literature and minors in Creative Writing and Honors. Welcome Liv!! 

Pence and MacMillan supports our local businesses on 307 Day!

Happy 307 Day!! Shop local (including your professional service needs)! 

New Faces & New Shadows: Katie Brummond

Today’s new face to introduce is Katie Brummond! Katie joins the Pence and Mac team officially on Monday as our newest Legal Assistant. Katie comes to us with great managerial experience, and is on track to complete her paralegal certification at LCCC in the fall. Welcome Katie!!

New Faces & New Shadows: Gabriel Maldonado

Hey everyone! Meet Gabriel Maldonado! Another new face at Pence and MacMillan! Gabe joins our team as Litigation Support. Gabe graduated in December, 2020 with his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wyoming, majoring in Criminal Justice. While we’d like to take the credit for expanding Gabe’s interest in the legal system, it’s more accurate to give those kudos to his mother-attorney-and Judge, Dona Playton! Welcome Gabe!

New Faces & New Shadows: Jackson Marcotte

Today, we are excited to introduce Jackson Marcotte! Jackson joins our office as an Intern and Client Services Associate. Jackson will be graduating in May from the University of Wyoming with his degree in Political Science. He has been accepted and will be attending the University of Wyoming College of Law in the fall, all while continuing on as a Tight End for the UW Football Team! Welcome Jackson and Go Pokes!

Read his thoughts here.

New Faces & New Shadows: Allison & Emma Telgenhoff

It’s appropriate to introduce Allie Telgenhoff and Emma Telgenhoff on a weekend, because that’s when you will see these sisters most in our Laramie office. We are so grateful to have you both on our team!

Read more about them here.

Mediation: What it contributes to society (even during a pandemic)

Very proud of our own Judge Donnell and Devon O’Connell for their article on mediation published in the February 2021 edition of the Wyoming Lawyer! 

Click here to read the full article:

New Faces & New Shadows: Annika Belser, Business Services Administrator

Meet Annika Belser, our new Business Services Administrator! Annika graduated from UW in 2020 and has recently joined our team. We are so glad to have you Annika! 

Read her thoughts here.  

501 Garfield

We are hiring right now for a Legal Assistant / Paralegal!!! Duties include file management, drafting legal documents, and attorney support, particularly in the area of criminal defense. F/T or P/T considered. Pay commensurate with experience. Liberal paid days off policy, health insurance, and retirement benefits (after eligibility period for full time employees). Send cover letter and resume with work and personal references to: Megan Goetz | | Pence and MacMillan LLC, P.O. Box 1285, Laramie, WY 82073-1295. No phone calls please.

New Faces & New Shadows: Olivia Vandiver

Happy Groundhog’s Day! Check out our new faces and new shadows this Month! 

Up first, Amber Olivia Vandiver, our Client Services Administrator. If you’ve been in our Laramie office recently, you’ve had the pleasure to meet Olivia. We’re so glad you’re here with us, Olivia! 

Read her thoughts here!

Then&Now: Group photo of Pence and MacMillan attorneys

Well, our 75th birthday celebration has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who has virtually attended the party! 

As we wrap up, no better people to close the bash than the Gregs, who are the Pillars of this firm and part of both the Then & Now. They started in Laramie together, and have since expanded the firm to Sheridan and Cheyenne, where we have robust offices and presence in the state.

Read more here.

Then&Now: Riley Realing

Then and Now, Pence and MacMillan has taken pride in nurturing new lawyers. We sure do miss you, Riley, and wish you much success at ND! Go Irish!

Read Riley’s sentiments here.

Then&Now: Crystal Stewart

Then & Now, the attorneys at Pence and MacMillan have always believed our first priority is providing exceptional legal services to our clients. Attorney Crystal Stewart is sure living up to our tradition and mission. Read a client’s perspective on Stewart here.

Crystal is accepting new clients and is primarily located in our Cheyenne office. 

Then&Now: Schierer Reflections

It seems appropriate to credit the original owner of the infamous birthday breakfast plate, Paul Schierer, and add his reflections on the THEN and NOW of Pence and Mac:

“I arrived in Laramie WY in 1983 without any connection to the town or legal community. From my first interview, I knew Pence and MacMillan is where I belonged. For me, Pence and MacMillan has always been and will always be about relationships…” Finish reading Schierer’s reflection here.


Like the country today, Pence and Mac also conducted a traditional event. Everyone at Pence and Mac celebrates annual trips around the sun. Starting back THEN in we-can’t-really-remember-when…..through NOW…… everyone’s birthday is celebrated with a pot-luck birthday breakfast. The birthday guest of honor always uses this old Presidential plate—no exceptions. Today we said happy birthday to one of our newer employees and Business Services Administrator, Annika Belser, while we watched the Presidential Inauguration.

Then&Now: The Becky Klemt Letter

As history NOW continues to unfold in the making, we remember with smiles a historical THEN Pence and Mac event of August 8, 1988: “The Becky Klemt Letter.”

Then&Now: Cole Sherard North Platte River

Then or Now, for 75 years Pence and Mac has always fished. Any season, any reason, we’re doing it- law or lakes! Attorney Cole Sherard doesn’t just excel at criminal defense, he’s an expert fisherman too. Click here to see more and for a link to listen to him featured on public radio.

Then&Now: Judge Jeffrey Donnell Reflections on Pence and MacMillan

Our friends at the Wyoming State Bar helped us find this iconic issue of the Wyoming Lawyer where Hoke MacMillan became President of the WSB and in the column beside this, Judge Jeffrey Donnell took the bench in the Second Judicial District Court. We are so proud to have Judge Donnell as a member of our Pence and Mac team now that he has retired. See Judge Donnell’s reflections of Then and Now here.

50 Years Proud to Be a Wyoming Lawyer: Hoke MacMillan Reflections on 50 Years

Goodbye 2020! Hello 2021! 

As we conclude our 75th anniversary celebration this month, we’re also looking back and looking forward. Please join us for our final series – “Then and Now.” No one better to kick off the reflections than Hoke MacMillan himself.  Thank you, Hoke, for the legacy you created. Visit here to read MacMillan’s reflection.

#75yearspenceandmacmillan #thenandnow

Balloons! 75 balloons delivered at the farmers market in the fall.

No Birthday Party is Complete without Balloons! #75yearspenceandmacmillan

Presents! Hats off to our birthday party! The first 7+5 people to visit Brown & Gold Outlet and say HBD P&M get a hat and $5 gift certificate to spend that day in the store.

Sure isn’t a birthday party without PRESENTS!!! Hats off to our birthday party! The first 7+5 people to visit Brown & Gold Outlet and say Happy Birthday Pence and MacMillan get a hat and $5 gift certificate to spend that day in the store. #75yearspenceandmacmillan

75 cupcakes delivered! Stop by Altitude Chophouse & Brewery, Lovejoys Bar & Grill, Library Bar & Grill, Speedgoat, The Tap at Coal Creek to get one! Stay tuned all month for fun with our 75th virtual birthday party.

We said we would have birthday cake today, December 4th, and yes we do!!!

75 cupcakes delivered! Just come by our office at 501 Garfield or any of the following amazing local establishments: Altitude Chophouse & Brewery, Lovejoys Bar & Grill, Library Bar & Grill, Speedgoat, The Tap at Coal Creek. Say “Happy Birthday Pence and Mac” to get your cupcake! Thanks for celebrating with us and coming to our Birthday Party!!! Stay tuned all month for fun with our 75th virtual birthday party.

PS: we would love to hear from you in a comment or see a picture of you with your cupcake!

It's our virtual 75th birthday party! Stay tuned all month long for details.

2020 isn’t going to stop us from having a party!!! Stay tuned all month long for details. #75yearspenceandmacmillan

Pence and MacMillan appreciates Laramie Chamber Business Alliance and all that you do for our community.

Pence and MacMillan is thankful to be involved in our communities. We are also grateful for the efforts of so many clients and partners for making the places where we live and work the best they can be. Thank you to Brad Enzi and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance for recognizing that what we do matters—view a message from him here.

75 Years of Free & Reduced Legal Services

For 75 years our firm has provided free and reduced legal services to clients. Why? Because it’s what you do. No one should be deprived of legal representation. View a heartfelt account of our client Ny Redding’s experience here.

Pence and MacMillan appreciates Guy Warpness & Laramie Jubilee Days for all that you do for our community.

Let’s think about something fun! What’s your favorite memory of Jubilee Days? Guy Warpness shares his appreciation for Dustin Richards and Pence and MacMillan’s volunteerism and commitment over the years to this event. Thanks Dusty, Guy and everyone who makes Jubilee Days happen! #75yearspenceandmacmillan

75 Years of Free & Reduced Legal Services: Al Walsh

With gratitude this Veterans Day, we honor our attorney, Albert Walsh.  Al was a Captain in the United States Army, serving 1999-2012.  In 2016, he was awarded the Outstanding Pro Bono Award by the Wyoming State Bar for his volunteerism in the Veteran’s Service Center on the University of Wyoming’s campus.  Al is a shining star exemplifying Pence and MacMillan’s 75 years of providing free and reduced legal services.  Thank you Al and all Veterans for your service. See an additional photo here

Pence and Mac has got the vote. Pence and MacMillan LLC 75 years.


Pence and MacMillan appreciates Senator Dave Kinskey and all Wyoming state legislators.

Greg Von Krosigk has been a model of contributing to the vibrancy and growth within the Sheridan community. Senator Dave Kinskey recognizes Greg’s efforts in this video within our series of 75 Years of Providing Free and Reduced Legal Services.

Pence and MacMillan appreciates the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation and all that you do for our community.

Nancy Stutzman, President of the Board of Directors of the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation highlights the free and reduced legal work we have been providing the Foundation over the years. Watch her video here. Several Pence and Mac attorneys have also had the honor of serving as Chair of the La Grande Fleur (Becky and Hoke MacMillan, 1999; Paul Schierer and Sandy Novick, 2008; Megan and Matt Goetz, 2013).

Pence and MacMillan appreciates The Lake Hattie Irrigation District and all that you do for our community.

Baby, it’s cold outside! 0 degrees right now at Lake Hattie, in fact!

The Pioneer Canal- Lake Hattie Irrigation District Board shares its appreciation and thanks to Greg Weisz and Pence and Mac for the years of legal services (on a much warmer day)! We appreciate all that this Board does for sustaining water and our recreation amenities!

Check out their video here and the other videos in our series of 75 Years of Providing Free & Reduced Legal Services.

75 Years of Legal Excellence Community Service and Invaluable Support and Leadership to the Wyoming State Bar

Honored and grateful to receive this today from the Wyoming State Bar. Thank you so much Sharon, Mark, Cathy and all!! #75yearspenceandmacmillan

Pence and MacMillan in partnership with the Wyoming State Bar & Equal Justice Wyoming

Our post today, within our series of Providing 75 Years of Free and Reduced Legal Services, features Devon O’Connell and her pro bono services. Her services were highlighted by the Wyoming State Bar in the Just Do 1 program. Watch the video here

Be sure to wish Devon a happy birthday today! 🥳

Crystal Stewart

Congratulations to Crystal Stewart and our criminal defense team of attorneys! Ms. Stewart successfully argued for probation of our client, Ms. Nava, who could have received up to 23 years of incarceration.  “Without all your hard work and dedication I don’t think this would of been my outcome. From the first time I spoke to you, I knew we had reached out to the best attorney. Words will never be able to express my gratitude,” said Ms. Nava. Read more here.

Ms. Stewart is accepting new clients in our Cheyenne office.  Call 307-638-0386 to schedule a consultation.  (The Wyoming State Bar does not certify any attorneys as specialists or experts in any area of law.)

Two office workers twin in black and white striped tops with the text Twinning is Winning.

Shelley Knudsen and Amber Olivia Vandiver twin in black and white striped shirts.

Pence and MacMillan appreciates Laramie Main Street Alliance.

Jodi Shea practices our firm philosophy of giving back to the community. Thanks Jodi, Trey Sherwood and Laramie Main Street for making Laramie such a great place to live and work. Click here to watch our second post in our series, 75 Years of Providing Free & Reduced Legal Services.

Pence and MacMillan LLC appreciates Cathedral Home for Children

HAPPY FALL Y’ALL! IT’S OFFICIALLY THE SEASON OF THANKS AND GIVING. We are kicking off our next series today! Please join us over the next several weeks as we recollect on 75 Years of Providing Free and Reduced Legal Services. Our first post features Nicole Hauser, Executive Director, of Cathedral Home for Children. Thanks Cathedral Home for Children for all you do for the youth of our State and beyond. Watch their video here.

Celebrating 75 Years (1945-2020): Service to Wyoming Lawyers & the Wyoming State Bar.

As we wrap up this series, our final post features the contributions of so many of our attorneys to the Wyoming State Bar. Over the past 75 years, we’ve had not only four bar presidents, but our attorneys have volunteered countless hours. Read about their contributions here.

Devon O'Connell: 100th Bar President (2015-2016)

Post 4 in our series highlighting 75 years of service to Wyoming Lawyers features our most recent State Bar president, Devon O’Connell. Devon served as the State Bar’s president 100th president from 2015-2016. See more from her highlight here.

George Millett 47th Bar President (1962-1963)

As part of our series of posts highlighting 75 years of service to Wyoming Lawyers, post 3 features George Millett. George served as the Wyoming State Bar’s 47th president from 1962-1963. View images of George hunting with another Pence and MacMillan attorney, Greg Von Krosigk, and other fun archives here.

Hoke MacMillan 81st Bar President (1996-1997)

As part of our series of posts highlighting 75 years of service to Wyoming Lawyers, post 2 features our second namesake and founder, Hoke MacMillan: 50 years proud to be a Wyoming lawyer. Hoke served as the Bar’s 81st president from 1996-1997. Hoke was honored for 50 years of service as a Wyoming lawyer during the Wyoming State Bar virtual convention in 2020. The motto,“proud to be a Wyoming lawyer” was developed then and still used today. Read more about Hoke MacMillan here.

The College of Law would like to congratulate Pence and MacMillan on 75 years of practice and for embodying what it means to be a Wyoming Lawyer!

The UW College of Law highlighted Pence and MacMillan’s 75th anniversary and dedication to service — what it means to be a Wyoming Lawyer — in an article. Read a snippet from the article here.

Al Pence 34th Bar President (1949-1950)

In honor of our birthday, we’re celebrating 75 years of service to Wyoming lawyers this month by highlighting our four past bar presidents and dedicated service in the Wyoming State Bar Association. First up: Al Pence, our founding attorney (J.D. ’29), served as the 34th bar president between 1949-50. Read more about Al Pence’s time at the Wyoming State Bar Association here.


#CAMILY. That is the word for Clients who are Family. Today, some of our kids spent the afternoon with good ol Uncle Bob at his ranch.  Pence and Mac is so fortunate to have generational relationships with our clients and customers. Thank you to all of our clients for making our jobs so meaningful. Camily is the best!

Pence and MacMillan Wyoming Lawyers and Attorneys at Law

Our physical offices are open! We ask that you please wear face coverings inside to best protect yourself and our team. Thank you to our clients and community for your extraordinary efforts and accommodations over the past 10 weeks. Together, we will make it!


Pence and MacMillan LLC is closely monitoring the situation concerning the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our priorities during this unprecedented time are the health, safety, and well-being of our team and their families, as well as our clients, colleagues, and other members of the community. Please read our full statement here.

Dustin Richards

We are celebrating the good even when times are bad. Congratulations to Dustin Richards! We are so excited to have you as a partner at Pence and MacMillan LLC! Dusty’s practice focuses on business and entity advisement and estate planning.

Derek, Riley, Chandler

@penceandmacmillanllc We sure hate losing Awesome members of our team. But we love seeing these Amazing people move forward professionally and personally! Congratulations to CHANDLER who is pursuing her career as a real estate appraiser! Congratulations to RILEY who has been accepted into law school at Notre Dame! Congratulations to DEREK and his wife Lisa who will be moving to Oklahoma City to pursue career advancements. We appreciate everything that each of you have done while at Pence and Mac. Best of luck in all you do!

Shelley, Breah, Jodi

New Year – New Faces

It’s a new year and we have some new (and returning) faces here at the Laramie office. Learn about them here

Kristi Von Krosigk

University of Wyoming Honors Kristi Von Krosigk

When the World Needs More Cowboys, just come see our Kristi Von Krosigk at Pence and MacMillan! Congrats @kvonkro for being named an outstanding UW alumni and Cowgirl we all know and aspire to be!

Crystal Stewart

Crystal Stewart Joins Cheyenne Office

Pence and MacMillan is thrilled to announce the addition of CRYSTAL STEWART to our Cheyenne office as an Associate Attorney. Crystal practices in the areas of general civil litigation, criminal defense, contract law, and real property law.

Read more about Crystal here

Brooke Graduation

Graduation Weekend

Brooke Hamilton, our legal intern, graduated on Saturday, December 14, 2019 with her Juris Doctor from the University of Wyoming College of Law. Congratulations Brooke! We are proud of your accomplishments.

Food Bank

Gobble ’till you Wobble??

Come to our Laramie office at 501 Garfield before Thanksgiving! We are proudly partnering with the Wyoming Food Bank this year. Read more about the food drive here

Governor's Business Forum

Pence and MacMillan participates in the Governor’s Business Forum

Governor Mark Gordon and Attorney Megan Goetz serve as co-chairs of the Wyoming Business Council, the state’s premier economic development agency. Read more about it here

The Gregs

The GREGS are at it again

The outdoors and practicing law go hand-in-hand, for Greg Von Krosigk and Greg Weisz. However, do you know the other similarities the Gregs share? Click here to find out!

Megan Overmann Goetz

Attorney Megan Goetz Named 2019 Wyoming Woman of Influence in Law

Megan Overmann Goetz of Pence and MacMillan LLC was named the 2019 Wyoming Woman of Influence in the field of Law during the 7th Annual Women’s Expo and Women of Influence reception in Casper. The award recognizes the professional contributions of Wyoming women in the law profession. Read more about her here

Becky Madagascar - Pence and MacMillan 1 7-2019

Attorney Rebecca Lewis Finishes Bike Tour Through Madagascar

Rebecca Lewis, attorney with Pence and MacMillan, recently finished a road bike tour through Madagascar covering 1,700 miles and 150,000 feet in elevation gain. The trip averaged 65 miles a day over 28 riding days/stages, with 10 days of rest. Read more about it here

Rowan and Jodi Shea - Pence and MacMillan 7-2019


Last week, Rowan was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer. Although the road may be long, our entire P&M team is behind Rowan, Jodi, Alec and their family as Rowan kicks the heck out of cancer! Read more about him here

Dustin Richards Band

Pence and MacMillan LLC Attorney Represents, and Rocks, Laramie Jubilee Days

Dustin Richards is part of Laramie Jubilee Days not only as its Legal Counsel and an Ex-Officio Board Member, but also as a musician playing bass guitar with two different bands that will perform during the event. Read more about him here

Camping Trip

Pence and MacMillan Enjoys Their Annual Firm/Family Camping Trip

June 28, 2019: Pence and MacMillan gathered with their families for their annual camping trip at Pole Mountain.

Devon O'Connell

Attorney Credits Yoga Practice as Key to Life Balance

Devon O’Connell (JD, RYT 500) is a lawyer and yoga teacher. Devon is devoted to the linking of breath and movement to build personal grit, resilience, and self-awareness. Read more about her here

Al in Military

Veterans Reflect on Memorial Day’s Impact, Legacy

Al Walsh of Pence and MacMillan LLC was featured in the Memorial Day issue of the Laramie Boomerang for his military service in the United States Army, and how it shaped him and the community of Laramie. Read more about him here

Pence and MacMillan - Amber Mothers Day

In Celebration of Mothers

Pence and MacMillan LLC is committed to building a culture that supports and encourages the critical balance between family and work. We believe our Firm should be an extension of family. Kids should be at the office. Employees should take time to go to soccer practice, the school presentation, etc. Read more about Pence and Mac moms here

Megan Goetz Bar Conference

Goetz Attends NCBE Annual Bar Admissions Conference

Megan Goetz, attorney with Pence and MacMillan LLC, attended the Annual Bar Admissions Conference hosted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Read more about it here

Pence and MacMillan - Shea and Richards

Shea & Richards Enhance Pence and MacMillan’s Ability to Provide Municipal Bond Law Services to Wyoming Public Entities

Jodi Shea and Dustin Richards, both attorneys with Pence and MacMillan LLC, recently attended the National Association of Bond Lawyers 2019 Conference in Chicago, IL. Read more about it here

Steamboat Summit - Yoga for Lawyers 4-2019

O’Connell Presents at Western State Regional Summit

Devon O’Connell of Pence and MacMillan LLC was a presenter at the 5th Annual Western State Regional Summit in Steamboat Springs, CO. Read more about it here

Bar Exam

Goetz Named Chair of the Wyoming Board of Law Examiners

Megan Overmann Goetz of Pence and MacMillan LLC was named Chair of the Wyoming Board of Law Examiners. Read more about it here

Wyoming State Bar

Wyoming State Bar Provides Tools for Family Law Cases; O’Connell Contributing Writer

Devon O’Connell of Pence and MacMillan LLC is a contributing writer for the Wyoming State Bar’s Family Law Blog, a source for Wyoming lawyers to learn about a variety of issues surrounding Family Law. Read more about it here

Megan Goetz

Goetz of Pence and MacMillan LLC Named Co-Chair of the Wyoming Business Council with Governor Gordon

Megan Overmann Goetz of Pence and MacMillan LLC was nominated and appointed as co-chair of the Wyoming Business Council with Governor Mark Gordon at the start of today’s Board of Directors meeting in Casper, WY. Read about it here

Criminal Defense - Pence and MacMillan 2-19

Mediation Services Provide In-House Peacemakers

Pence and MacMillan is pleased to offer foremost mediation services from our skilled and seasoned mediators, Retired Judge Jeffrey A. Donnell and Devon O’Connell. Read about them here

Cheyenne Team - Pence and MacMillan LLC

Pence and MacMillan Cheyenne Office: New Location, Fresh Faces, Exceptional Talent

Pence and MacMillan LLC has had a presence in the Cheyenne community since 2015. But in the fall of 2018, the Firm’s office purposefully relocated from North Cheyenne to the Downtown area. The move gave the Firm an advantage in location to federal and state courts, the state capital and Downtown businesses, and access to represent clients state-wide in a variety of matters. The office’s shift in prominence not only comes with proximity, but through new credentials and new talent. Read more here

Dustin Richards - Pence and MacMillan

Pence and MacMillan LLC Announces Dustin Richards’ Promotion to Junior Member of the Firm

Pence and MacMillan LLC is pleased to announce that Dustin J. Richards has been promoted in the Firm as Junior Member. Read about Dusty here

Mike Peters

Pence and MacMillan LLC Announces New Attorney, Michael J. Peters

Pence and MacMillan LLC is proud to announce the addition of Michael J. Peters as attorney with the Firm. Read about Michael here

Becky Lewis - Professionalism Award

Laramie Attorney Receives Wyoming State Bar’s Professionalism Award

The Wyoming State Bar is pleased to announce that Laramie attorney Rebecca (Becky) A. Lewis is this year’s recipient of its Gerald R. Mason Professionalism Award. Read more here

Al Walsh - Pence and MacMillan

Pence and MacMillan Announces New Attorney, Al Walsh

Pence and MacMillan law firm is proud to announce the addition of Al Walsh as attorney with the Firm. Read about Al here

Mother's Day

Pence and MacMillan Celebrates Mothers

Pence and MacMillan celebrates mothers on Mother’s Day and everyday. Read about our working moms here

Pence and MacMillan with Al Walsh and Basecamp

Pence and MacMillan Congratulates Al and Rebecca Walsh on Grand Opening of Basecamp, Welcomes Al to Pence and MacMillan Starting in September

Pence and MacMillan is excited to celebrate the Grand Opening of Basecamp with former intern and future attorney at Pence and MacMillan, Al Walsh. Read about Laramie’s Basecamp here

Staff Feature - All Offices - Pence and MacMillan

Pence and MacMillan Pleased to Feature Staff; Grateful for Critical Contributions

Pence and MacMillan is pleased to feature the exceptional staff from three of its office locations in Laramie, Cheyenne, and Sheridan, and recognize the talent they contribute to the firm Learn more about the staff here

Greg Weisz Trout prize

Greg Weisz Wins Grand Prize at Laramie Valley Trout Unlimited Fly Fishing Film Tour Raffle

Greg Weisz wins grand prize Scott Radian Sage fly reel and RIO fly line See how excited he is here

Cole Sherard - Pence and MacMillan

Cole Sherard, Representative of Laramie Valley Trout Unlimited, Encourages Participation in Fly Fishing Film Tour at Gryphon Theater

“I know the tour is centered around fly fishing,” says Sherard, “but it’s so much more than that. It’s really a celebration of the outdoors more than anything.” Get tickets or learn more about the film tour

LCBA Award

Megan Goetz of Pence and MacMillan Receives 2017 Business Person of the Year Award

Megan Goetz of Pence and MacMillan law firm was awarded the 2017 Business Person of the Year Award by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance (LCBA). Read more here

The LCBA sign

Pence and MacMillan Nominated for Two LCBA Awards

Pence and MacMillan has been nominated for the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance’s 2017 Small Business of the Year. Attorney Megan Goetz of Pence and MacMillan has also been nominated for 2017 Person of the Year. Read more here

Cole N. Sherard

Cole Sherard Weighs in on Wyoming’s 3 oz. Legal Limit for Marijuana Edibles

NPR interviews Pence and MacMillan’s Cole Sherard for his stance on regulating marijuana edibles in Wyoming. Read or listen here

Pence and MacMillan staff

Pence and MacMillan Named Business of the Month

Pence and MacMillan has been named the Business of the Month by the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance for the month of November. “The participation of Pence and MacMillan in the community and the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance is seen throughout the town, and the LCBA is thankful for the firm’s dedication to the community and economic development.” Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan softball team

Pence and MacMillan Softball Team Completes Perfect Season

Pence and MacMillan’s Laramie Recreational Softball League team concludes its season with the most consistent record of all twelve competing teams. Senior Member Greg Weisz reflects on the season saying, “I enjoyed inspiring the younger members of the team with my hitting prowess. It is all about bat speed” as he prides himself on his 1-for-35 batting record this season. See the Scorecard

Harvard logo

Devon O’Connell Completes Advanced Harvard Training

Devon applied and was accepted to the Advanced Mediation Training at Harvard Law School. Through the Harvard Negotiation Institute, she successfully completed the Advanced Mediation Workshop: Mediating Complex Disputes. She spent a week at Harvard Law School in Cambridge, Massachusetts with fellow participants from across the globe. Read about the program

Dan Lear headshot

On-demand lawyering is our future: What will it look like?

Interesting read from Avvo’s Dan Lear. Join Dan at this year’s Annual Meeting & Judicial Conference for “The Online Legal Consumer Revolution in 10 Stats” followed by a panel discussion on legal marketing with Wyoming’s own Devon O’Connell, Matt Kaufman and Douglas Wade Bailey. Read the full article

Pro Bono Client Highlights Importance of Access to Justice

Check out this new video from the Wyoming Access to Justice Commission Watch it here

Devon O'Connell

Devon O’Connell is listed as one of America’s Top 100 Attorneys

Member Devon P. O’Connell is listed as one of the top 100 family law attorneys in America Read the full article

Devon O'Connell and Jeffrey Donnell

Pence and MacMillan Now Offers Mediation Services

Retired Judge Jeffrey A. Donnell and Member Devon P. O’Connell are trained, seasoned, and ready to mediate any conflict. Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan law office

Pence and MacMillan Nominated for 2016 Small Business of the Year

The Laramie Chamber Business Alliance nominates Pence and MacMillan for 2016 Small Business of the Year Award Read the full article

Megan Goetz

Megan Goetz Nominated by Governor Mead for Wyoming Business Council

Member Megan Goetz is nominated by Governor Matthew Mead to become the Secretary of Treasury for the Wyoming Business Council Read the full article

Jeffrey Donnell

Judge Jeffrey A. Donnell Joins Pence and MacMillan

Retired Albany County District Court Judge Jeffrey A. Donnell joins Pence and MacMillan Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan Lander Law Office

Pence and MacMillan opens office in Lander, WY

Pence and MacMillan opens a new office located:

309 A Main St.
Lander, WY 82520

Megan Goetz

Greg Weisz Receives Castle Award from Laramie Chamber Business Alliance

Member Greg Weisz is presented the Castle Award at the Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet Read the full article

Greg Von Krosigk of Pence and MacMillan

Historic Downtown Sheridan is thriving, New owners preserve history

Member Greg Von Krosigk determined to preserve the grandeur of the past while meeting today’s building standards. Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan, Cheyenne, Wyoming attorneys

Law firm grows into Cheyenne on 70th anniversary

Officials from Laramie-headquartered Pence and MacMillan say they are in the process of opening up a new Cheyenne office as they “associate with” Cheyenne-based Freudenthal & Bonds, with which they will share a building. Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan office in Sheridan, Wyoming

Greg Von Krosigk builds offices in Sheridan

Greg Von Krosigk, member at Pence and MacMillan, building mixed-use building in Sheridan, Wyoming. Read the full article

Pence and MacMillan Wyoming Attorneys participate in clean up day

Pence and MacMillan cleans up Laramie

Pence and MacMillan attorneys participated in the City of Laramie’s Community Clean Up Day last Saturday, April 23rd.

Devon O'Connell

Wyoming State Bar Law Day

For Law Day, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of perhaps the nation’s best-known U.S. Supreme Court case, Miranda v. Arizona. The 2016 Law Day theme — Miranda: More than Words — will explore the procedural protections afforded to all of us by the U.S. Constitution, how these rights are safeguarded by the courts, and why the preservation of these principles is essential to our liberty. Devon O’Connell prepared a public service announcement about the importance of this case and to encourage Wyoming citizens to commemorate our national ideals of liberty, justice and equality under the law.

Pence and MacMillan office Laramie, Wyoming

Association with Freudenthal & Bonds, P.C.

We are proud to announce that Pence and MacMillan LLC has associated with Freudenthal & Bonds, P.C., of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Pence and MacMillan LLC and Freudenthal & Bonds, P.C. will work together on an of counsel basis in the continued practice of law. This relationship will serve the best interests of clients of both firms, and allow ready sharing of legal skill, training and experience to enhance the practice of both firms. Moreover, this professional business association will further promote each firm’s ability to provide services to clients on a statewide basis.

Jodi Shea of Pence and MacMillan

Jodi Shea serves on Laramie Main Street Alliance Board

Jodi Shea has been appointed president of the Laramie Main Street Alliance Board, an organization that strives to preserve historic downtown Laramie while enhancing its economic and social vitality.

Pence and MacMillan attorneys

Wyoming Business Council gives Laramie a record grant

The Wyoming Business Council voted to approve all five of its Business Ready Community Grants today/Thursday. Among them is a 5.4 million dollar grant to fund construction of a new data and technology park in Laramie, headed by Laramie Economic Development Corporation’s Board Chair and member of Pence and MacMillan, Megan Goetz. Read the full article

Wyoming Business Council

Megan appointed to the Wyoming Business Council

The Wyoming Business Council Board of Directors welcomed two new members and elected 2016-17 officers during Thursday’s quarterly meeting at the Lincoln Center in Torrington, including Megan Overmann Goetz of Pence and MacMillan. Read the full article

Dustin Richards

Dustin J. Richards published in Wyoming Law Review

Dustin J. Richards contributed to the Wyoming Law Review: TORT LAW—Overruled! Wyoming’s Novel Interpretation of the Wrongful Death Act’s Personal Representative; In re Estate of Johnson, 231 P.3d 873 (Wyo. 2010). Read the full article

Devon O'Connell

O’Connell Takes Top Seat of Wyoming State Bar

The Wyoming State Bar is pleased to announce that Devon O’Connell, an attorney from Laramie, Wyoming, has been elected President of its organization. Read the full article

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