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I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all the work you put in to my case. I don’t know where I would be if things didn’t happen the way they did, but what I do know is that for the first time in a long time I am happy with who I am and what I’m doing, I credit you and the awesome job you did for being the catalyst for change that I desperately needed in my life. Thank you, Cole.

– Anonymous

In a Landlord-Tenant dispute, it is difficult to find a law firm interested in taking the case of the Tenant. In the fall of 2018, I was faced with such a situation and made contact with 8 or 10 attorneys before finding Pence and MacMillan from Laramie who had recently opened an office in Cheyenne. When the property which I had leased for 13 years was placed under a land contract, the prospective owners attempted to negate my lease and make unreasonable demands upon me. My preliminary legal research convinced me I was in the right and had a 90% chance of successfully handling the matter my own self. Not willing to entertain even a 10% chance of failure and eviction, I hired Pence and MacMillan to represent me. I was favorably impressed with the young attorney assigned to me, Michael Peters, and gratefully accepted the help of senior partner in the firm, Mr. Greg Weisz. Throughout the process of court representation, negotiation with the opposing party’s representation and resolution of the matter; I was kept informed and consulted in a most professional and competent manner. The case was settled in my favor prior to the final court proceeding and I could not be more satisfied with the efforts or Mr. Peters and Mr. Weisz. I would not hesitate to recommend Pence and MacMillan to anyone seeking competent legal representation in the Cheyenne area. Their fees were reasonable and more than fair. Whatever I spent on representation saved me triple had I lost my case.

– Frank

My recent experience with the Pence and MacMillan LLC law firm in Wyoming was exemplary from start to finish. I am a practicing attorney in Kentucky, and recently had a client request legal assistance in relation to a business issue in Wyoming. Through the SCG Legal network, I made contact with attorneys Michael Peters and Gregory Weisz of the Pence and Macmillan legal team. Mr. Peters and Mr. Weisz exhibited the highest quality of competence and legal ability, and these abilities coupled with local relationships helped to achieve a quick and very successful result for a Kentucky-based business. The fees were reasonable, and the responsiveness and legal skill were unmatched. Pence and MacMillan LLC is the leading firm in Wyoming, and yet another example of an outstanding law firm member of the State Capital Group.

– Jaron

I hired Cole to represent my son who was stopped by sheriff’s deputies for a lane violation on a local road after he pulled off the Interstate late at night to find a hotel on his way home from Oregon to Virginia. My son has long hair and a beard and has mental health issues. The stop turned into an arrest for a lane violation, a suspected DUI and interference for failure to get out of his vehicle. Cole took the time to understand the issues surrounding my son’s arrest, and having expert knowledge of Wyoming criminal law and the local court system, was able to have the charges against my son dismissed. Throughout the process, Cole communicated at each step with my son and me. As a lawyer myself, I truly appreciate Cole’s competence, professionalism, thoroughness, communication skills, and knowledge of Wyoming criminal law and the local court system. I would wholeheartedly recommend Cole to anyone in need of a good criminal defense attorney.

– Walt

Dear Devon,

Divorce is such a stressful time in anyone’s life and I would like to thank you for your support, and for guiding me through the legal process. Your legal expertise and professionalism went above and beyond my expectations throughout the course of my recent case. I will forever be humbled and grateful to you. Your excellent communication and prompt responses were very reassuring and alleviated a lot of anxiety.

Thanks once again for having a genuine interest in my situation. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for an experienced divorce attorney.

I cannot thank you enough for your assistance, time, and effort. I wish you continued success in your profession.

– L.Z.

Above all else, to me a good lawyer is someone who will go above and beyond to represent his client. Cole N. Sherard is not a good lawyer. He’s GREAT ONE! Throughout the process of my case, it was almost as if he was one step ahead and continuously using all of his knowledge, expertise, and resources to see my case through. He always kept me informed and tirelessly worked around the clock to fight for me. The utmost professional, yet down-to-earth lawyer I know. He broke down all the formalities clearly and concisely so that even I could understand what was going on. If you need a lawyer that is worth every cent you put into your case, then Cole N. Sherard is the lawyer for you. Thank you, Cole N. Sherard, for fitting me into your busy schedule and seeing my case through. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!

– N.V.

In 2015, I was victim to false accusations that initially took my one year old son away from me. At the time, I was represented by both a criminal defense lawyer and a family law lawyer. I knew my criminal charges would be dropped eventually and although I was happy with my family law attorney, I needed to feel like I had the best family law attorney in the area. I asked around and was directed to Devon O’Connell. After a brief meeting, I decided this would be my best chance at getting custody of my son. From the beginning, I felt as though I not only had Devon O’Connell on my side but I had an entire team working together for me. Each time I stopped by the Pence and MacMillan office, I was greeted by a few different people that showed concern for my situation. Devon was all business and well prepared for each step along the way. If I had questions or concerns, I was able to reach Devon during any time of the day. As hearings, motions, and trial dates came along, Devon was always ready to go. For each of the hearings regarding different motions filed, I would ask Devon what she thinks will happen and what we want to happen. She never sugar-coated anything and was able to clearly explain the process and what outcome we are hopeful for. With every single hearing, Devon was spot on with her prediction, and we always got exactly what we had hoped for. During the final trial it was clear to see that Devon was the more experienced attorney in the court room. She was able to expose the truth and set the facts on the table for the judge to see. My experience with Pence and MacMillan was professional from start to finish. In the end, we not only won my trial but we hit a grand slam. My son is now living with me in a happy, healthy, safe environment and the two of us could not be happier. I would recommend Devon O’Connell as a family law attorney to anyone that wants a serious shot at winning their trial.

– Zac F.

The staff at Pence and MacMillan have been warm and welcoming, especially Devon O’Connell who has represented me through a divorce and custody agreement. Devon has advised me with integrity and honesty throughout this difficult time in my life. I have greatly appreciated her sound advice, expertise, and understanding.

Devon has worked diligently for my legal purposes and has overcome many obstacles along the way. I am confident my rights and those of my child will remain excellently represented for years to come.

– Mike S.

I simply cannot express the appreciation I feel toward this law firm and Devon O’Connell. I sought counsel during a very difficult and vulnerable time in my life. Devon gave me the tools to make the best decisions for me and my family. I was able to clearly understand my rights and not be afraid to ask for what I deserved. We reached a fair and equitable resolution, but more importantly I gained the confidence I needed to move beyond a difficult period with security and gratitude.

– Jamison P.

Cole Sherard helped our family tremendously. We had a huge misunderstanding with some customers at our family’s restaurant and we ended up going to court because of “unlawful physical contact” on our side even though there was nothing like that. Our case was something that was completely blown out of proportion, but Cole helped us through it. It was easy for us to keep contact with him and he guided us through the whole process. He was honest about his opinions and knew exactly what to say when we had questions. He took us through case reviews and paperwork in a way that we could understand. We appreciated that he always kept our best interest in mind. Cole is an excellent Lawyer.

– Alena

Cole provided quality representation for me during my divorce. Through his efforts, I was able to secure a larger portion of assets from my ex-husband. In addition, I was granted far greater than average custody over my children. His rates were quite reasonable– I ended up owing about half of what my ex-husband paid his Laramie-based divorce attorney and Cole was willing to work with me on payment options.
I am quite pleased with the representation that I received from Cole and would definitely seek counsel from him again in the future.

– Leslie

In this age, when it is not unique to have to hire a defense attorney, there are a couple of key points to keep in mind. When making the initial call, the importance being reassured is paramount. What is most assuring is talking to someone that is well-versed in local statue. It is also important that that someone is also well-respected by all the courts’ staff. I experienced these traits and more in Cole Sherard. I hope to never have to hire a defense attorney again, but if I do, I would hire him again.

– Lorie

I am beyond pleased with what Cole Sherard did for my case. Although my case was in Wyoming, I live in Florida and he was so efficient and professional in all matters even with me living across the country. I originally had a different attorney and wasn’t happy with his demeanor or attitude in regards to my case. I heard about Cole Sherard by word-of-mouth and everyone was right! I am so thankful that I switched. He always treated me with respect and was able to get the job done so I could move on with my life.

– Jesse

I was booked for a DUI last year. Never being in trouble with the law before, I wasn’t sure what I needed to do. I had a friend who worked for the Wyoming Highway Patrol and asked him who the best DUI lawyer was in Wyoming, and he responded “No doubt, its Cole Sherard.” As soon as I contacted Cole, it was smooth sailing from there on out. He not only walked me through the process of what would happen, but was very honest on what he thought we needed to do and got straight to the point. A short time into the process, it felt more as if Cole and I were lifelong friends and he happened to be a lawyer-so I asked him to help, not just some random person who was representing me. He was able to clear my DUI off my record, as if it never happened. I was in the middle of my college career, and felt as if I had ruined my future. Not only did Cole reassure me that wasn’t the case, but he made sure that wasn’t the case. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer, and I made a good friend out of the process.

– Kyle

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