Pence and MacMillan LLC’s Criminal Defense Team is Passionate About the Work They Do, Helping People Move Forward


February 2019 (Laramie, WY) – Clients need a voice and an advocate. Pence and MacMillan’s Criminal Defense Team not only has a stellar track record for representing their clients, but is compassionate toward the clients they serve.

Cole Sherard and Isaiah Gross, attorneys with Pence and MacMillan’s Laramie office, both specialize in Criminal Defense for the Firm.  Sherard and Gross provide counsel to clients who need help navigating the criminal system in Wyoming. Both attorneys say they most enjoy helping their clients overcome challenges and the opportunity to help people who are going through a difficult time. They also are well-prepared to defend people who are falsely accused.

“Our job is to fight for our clients’ rights and defend the innocent,” says Sherard. “We also help our clients mitigate the damage from past errors, and help good people navigate the legal system. It’s a difficult point in their life, and my goal is to try to help them through the process.”

Gross says his decision to enter the criminal defense field began years ago. Through his work experiences he saw that young people often need an opportunity to get their lives back on track.

“My biggest reason for working in the criminal defense area is because I enjoy helping out young people,” says Gross. “When I was younger I worked with adjudicated teenage boys, and saw that the missteps these kids made shouldn’t have to form their path in life. My goal is to give them more tools in their toolbox.”

Both are devoted to defense work and their ability to serve as good representation through the legal system, and say they enjoy the litigation aspect of a case, arguing for clients in court.

“We are passionate about criminal defense work,” says Sherard. “People often ask why we enjoy this type of representation. It’s because a lot of times we work with really good people who just made a mistake. And people are very often falsely accused. Our clients need a voice.”

Sherard and Gross can help any criminal defense charge in Wyoming that calls for experienced legal representation, in both state and federal courts across the state. Areas of practice include possession of marijuana charges, DUI charges in Wyoming (Statewide DUI defense including Laramie, Wheatland, Torrington, Douglas, Rawlins, and Cheyenne), felony and misdemeanor drug possession charges; revocation of license, appellate court, DUIs and driver’s suspension, drug crimes, assault and battery, domestic violence, major felony charges, misdemeanor crimes, sex offenses, property crimes, computer crimes, white collar crimes, wildlife/Game and Fish violations, state park violations, juvenile delinquency, gun-related issues and expungements.

With offices in Laramie, Cheyenne, Sheridan and Steamboat Springs, Pence and MacMillan serves the state of Wyoming and surrounding areas with full-service legal counsel.