Goetz Attends NCBE Annual Bar Admissions Conference

May 2019 (San Francisco, CA) – Megan Goetz, attorney with Pence and MacMillan LLC, attended the Annual Bar Admissions Conference hosted by the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). Goetz was named Chair of the Wyoming Board of Law Examiners (BLE) in January of 2019. The purpose of the BLE is to administer the state’s bar examination and to investigate and recommend candidates for admission to practice law in Wyoming.

Upon the recommendation of the BLE in 2013, the Wyoming Supreme Court adopted the Uniform Bar Exam and the Multistate Performance Test as the testing component for the Wyoming Bar admissions, together with the Multistate Bar Examination for applicants desiring to practice law in Wyoming. These three testing components are developed by the NCBE in a comprehensive and objective manner to produce tests of the highest quality and with complex psychometrics and reliability. Annually, the NCBE hosts a conference to work with bar examiners and others to continue to develop, maintain, and apply reasonable and uniform standards of education and character for eligibility for admission to the practice of law and to assist bar admission authorities. In addition to the annual conference, Goetz regularly attends training provided by the NCBE to properly prepare for specific bar exam grading. Serving on the BLE is done voluntarily and without compensation.

“I consider it a tremendous honor and responsibility to provide this service to the profession and state of Wyoming,” says Goetz.

Goetz’ appointment was made by the Wyoming Supreme Court, and she is currently serving her in her 6th year on the BLE.