In Celebration of Mothers

Pence and MacMillan is committed to building a culture that supports and encourages the critical balance between family and work. We believe our Firm should be an extension of family. Kids should be at the office. Employees should take time to go to soccer practice, the school presentation, etc.

When Amber Ferguson, Paralegal in the Laramie office, recently had their new baby Charley, she felt the reality of that Pence and MacMillan culture come to life.

“I do not think that I could ask for a more accommodating employer and for more helpful and hard working co-workers,” says Ferguson. “The Firm is always flexible with time, and in a pinch all of us have had our kids running around the office while we work at one time or another. I requested to return on a part time basis for a couple weeks to help ease the transition and my request was granted without even the batting of an eye.”

Ferguson says that the office all came together to support her transition, and that their efforts have tremendously eased her return.

“I’ve loved the time I have had at home, but I also love my job so I’m looking forward to getting back into it,” she says. “Everyone chipped in to help, so I am eternally grateful to Chandler, Windi and Carla for ensuring I can jump right back in and not have to do a lot of clean up from the time I was gone. We have a phenomenal team, and I was truly able to focus on bonding with Charley and our son, Wes during my time off.”

Pence and MacMillan is proud to continue building this culture of balance. And in honor of mothers in every stage of life, Pence and MacMillan celebrates Mother’s Day this weekend. We commend all of the mothers working within the Firm, and support their commitment to family.


“Working at P&M makes the balance of being a mom and professional just a bit easier.” – Jodi Shea, Attorney


Becoming a mother is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. My son Isaac was always a priority, and even though he’s in college, is still my priority.  Working at Pence and MacMillan provided me the flexibility when he was little to fully engage as a mom, and to fully engage as a practicing attorney. Working full time as a single mother is a challenge, thank goodness P&M was there for both me and Ike!”  – Devon O’Connell, Attorney


“Both of my kids were born into the P&M family and have grown up within it.  Our office is an extension of home.  We celebrate holidays, birthdays and life-events with this extended family.  Our office phone number is the emergency number for our kids, because I know that anyone at the office would jump in and care for them as their own.  The ability for me to be a busy professional, both as an attorney and community volunteer, is only due to the support of P&M.  My priority as a mom is realized because of the values and support of this firm and its people.  – Megan Goetz, Attorney


Quote to her kids:

“I love you too much to argue with you right now.  – Carla Bayne, Paralegal