Free & Reduced Legal Services: Hoke and Becky MacMillan: Chairman of the 1999 La Grande Fleur Free & Reduced Legal Services: Paul Schierer and Sandy Novick: Chairman of the 2008 La Grande Fleur Free & Reduced Legal Services: Megan and Matt Goetz: Chairman of the 2013 La Grande Fleur

Remember those days when you could get all dressed up and go somewhere?!

Nancy Stutzman, President of the Board of Directors of the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Foundation highlights the free and reduced legal work we have been providing the Foundation over the years. Several Pence and Mac attorneys have also had the honor of serving as Chair of the La Grande Fleur (Becky and Hoke MacMillan, 1999; Paul Schierer and Sandy Novick, 2008; Megan and Matt Goetz, 2013).


Thanks to Nancy and the entire IMHF Board for all of the wonderful work you do for the Hospital and the Laramie Community!  75 Years of Providing Free & Reduced Legal Services.