Meier Plays Instrumental Role in Passage of Four Legislative Bills

March 2018 (Cheyenne, WY) – Pence and MacMillan’s Scott W. Meier has played an influential role in the preparation, drafting and passage of four legislative bills through the 2018 Wyoming state legislative budget sessions.

Meier, of Pence and MacMillan’s Cheyenne office, has been active in the Wyoming legislative process for the past 20 years. Meier’s involvement has included lobbying on behalf of clients in need of specific legislative changes, as well as general participation with proposed bills to provide an understanding of laws surrounding current legislation and proposed changes.

Two of the 2018 bills applied Meier’s extensive experience with the structuring of limited liability companies: Wyoming House Bill 70, Blockchain bill, and the Wyoming House Bill 126 – Limited liability companies-series. The Blockchain bill provides legal guidelines on how certain types of cryptographic tokens are accounted for, and exempts various types of crypto assets from securities laws. The limited liability companies-series bill would allow for “series” limited liability companies.

“We provided professional information about those bills, and want to be involved,” says Meier. “I was part of the adoption of Wyoming’s Business Corporation Act, Wyoming’s Revised Limited Liability Company Act and Wyoming’s Registered Agent statutes. With our experience in business formation and governance, we watch the process closely to see how new legislation would affect our clients.”

Meier also acted as a lobbyist to advocate for individual clients on two other pieces of legislation in this year’s sessions. He was heavily engaged in the Wyoming Senate File 3, Antelope hunt licenses. This would give 80 antelope licenses to a women’s hunt in northeast Wyoming. He also actively drafted and lobbied for the inclusion of an additional state song through Wyoming House Bill 156, State songs.

“I have been part of these legislative events for the last 20 years, more heavily in the last 10, lobbying on behalf of clients, and involved in providing practical insight on laws,” says Meier. “I think the committees like to hear from practitioners such as Pence and MacMillan.”

Meier has substantial experience in taxation, estate planning and business planning. As a Certified Public Accountant since 1985, Scott is very familiar with individual, business and estate tax issues. His practice also includes entity formation, corporate governance, transactions, real estate, and banking/credit unions as well as being enrolled as a registered lobbyist.