Shea & Richards Enhance Pence and MacMillan’s Ability to Provide Municipal Bond Law Services to Wyoming Public Entities

April 2019 (Chicago, IL) – Jodi Shea and Dustin Richards, both attorneys with Pence and MacMillan LLC, recently attended the National Association of Bond Lawyers 2019 Conference in Chicago, IL. Pence and MacMillan LLC is one of the few Wyoming law firms accredited and rated by The Bond Buyer’s Municipal Marketplace Directory (the “Red Book”) to provide municipal bond law services to Wyoming public entities. Bond legal services, generally, advise municipalities and other governmental entities with the specific criteria necessary for public entities to borrow monies for special projects and otherwise assist the entity in securing the funds. While attending the Conference, both Shea and Richards enhanced their ability to represent clients in these areas by enrichment through a comprehensive, practical understanding of the foundations of public finance, with concise, straightforward explanations of public finance laws and regulations.

Shea’s practice is focused on civil litigation, municipal law, construction law, bankruptcy, and real estate property.

Richards provides legal services in the areas of contracts, real estate, and business and estate planning.

With offices in Laramie, Cheyenne, Sheridan and Steamboat Springs, Pence and MacMillan serves the state of Wyoming and surrounding areas with full-service legal counsel.