Small Business & Community Connections Give Attorneys Up-Close Insight

April 2019 (Wyoming) – Four Wyoming businesses have given Pence and MacMillan attorneys a unique, personal perspective on challenges small businesses face, and what it means to be an advocate of community.

The Curiosity Shoppe, Sweet Pickles, and Basecamp, all in Laramie, and The Union in Sheridan, are businesses owned and operated by spouses of Pence and MacMillan attorneys, giving the attorneys a significant view into small business challenges and their Wyoming communities.

“Understanding the rewards and risks in owning a small business allows me to relate on a more personal level with my business clients,” says Jodi Shea of Pence and MacMillan, whose husband Alec owns Curiosity Shoppe and Sweet Pickles in Downtown Laramie.

Al Walsh, also an attorney with Pence and MacMillan and whose wife Rebecca owns Basecamp in Laramie, likewise says being connected to a business in the community has given him professional understanding of the trials small business owners have.

“It gives me greater insight into the challenges that are unique to small businesses,” says Walsh. “I can more easily understand what small business clients are going through and help find a solution to whatever legal problems they are facing.”