It seems appropriate to credit the original owner of the infamous birthday breakfast plate, Paul Schierer, and add his reflections on the THEN and NOW of Pence and Mac:

“I arrived in Laramie WY in 1983 without any connection to the town or legal community. From my first interview, I knew Pence and MacMillan is where I belonged. For me, Pence and MacMillan has always been and will always be about relationships: relationships with your own family; relationships with others in the Pence and MacMillan family; relationships with clients; relationships with other attorneys and relationships with the community. Those relationships supported and encouraged me to become the attorney and person I wanted to be. It is good to see those relationships still being mentored and effective in these difficult times. I remain proud to be a Wyoming lawyer and proud to be a Pence and MacMillan lawyer.”

We sure do miss you Paul and Sandy Eisenstein Novick Schierer!!!

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